CD CHIPASS, Music of the traveling Entertainers

CD CHIPASS, Music of the traveling Entertainers

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Considering the present existential questions with which we are daily confronted, who can imagine this sort of sense of being:


Lead a largely unplanned life, timelessness, without ties, openness to amazing experiences,

Travel without a safety net; accept that which cannot be planned and the ability to see secret messages or signs in that experience,

Live for the moment, a boundless feeling of life without boundaries, the celebration of playful festivals, the enjoyment of exciting ideas, the experience of touching contact to other human beings,


Sadness at departure tied to the expectation of a new adventure, unexpected experiences and enjoyment of travel, the telling and exchange of unusual instances and amusing incidents.


Serenity, anger, carelessness, fear, temperament and sensibility, in short living the complete palette of human emotion…?

These components must have influenced the world of the entertainers in ancient Europe. Their music mirrors the lives of these free spirits and their message and their music is understood by the listener.








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