About Quiet Music

About Quiet Music

About Quiet Music

Quiet music can move the soul with its fine and subtle sounds and bring it into harmony. Instruments as the lute and viola da gamba are especially suited to seducing the listener into a world of fantasy and extraordinary feelings with their tender sounds, rich in overtones


Rhythm and dance play an important role in the music for lute. The repertoire of the “Queen of Instruments” is quite large, diverse and valuable.


With its special palette of sound and its bowing technique, the viola da gamba is an especially suitable partner to the lute. With this partnership, the sounds of both instruments melt into one with a powerful intensity.

The pulse of this music bears a great similarity to the forms in Jazz and I presume that, here, there exists a relationship between the two.


In a time of overstimulation, of increased pressure on us through time and work and of the often seen burnout, our music can be an oasis of peace, of serenity and of spiritualization. It can be a way of finding yourself once again.


Lutz Kirchhof


© Lutz Kirchhof, Weilburg 2015